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All the books posted in The Logician website are now on sale as quality hardbacks, paperbacks or eBooks in several outlets.

In the CreateSpace store, paperbacks, and in the Kindle store, the corresponding .mobi e-books. Or just go to Amazon.com, where there's often a discount.

In Lulu.com store, hardbacks (for the six largest books), as well as paperbacks and .epub e-books.


The Logician bookshops offer print and e-book editions of all ten books by Avi Sion, and eleven publications derived from them. The indicative prices given below are for paperback editions.

The ten main books on sale at The Logician Bookshop are the following: 

A4, 472p, $25

A4, 326p, $25

A4, 386p, $25

A5, 400p, $20

A4, 404p,

A5, 424p, $20

A5, 216p, $12

A5, 408p, $20

A5, 218p, $12

A4, 700p,


The following eleven books are derivatives (subdivisions or compilations) of the preceding ten primary works:

A5, 188p, $10

A5, 184p, $10

A5, 212p, $10

A5, 258p, $12

A5, 242p, $12

A4, 546p, $30

A5, 182p, $10

A5, 142p, $10

A5, 112p,

A5, 458p, $20

A5, 174p, $10

The Logician Bookshop


Note that some books are A4 and some are A5 in size. All these books are available in paperback and e-book editions, in CreateSpace and Lulu. The larger (A4 size) books are also available in hardcover editions, but in Lulu only; although the latter are more expensive, they are recommended being more sturdy.

All prices reflect the physical volume (size, number of pages) of the books. Shipping and handling charges not included in the stated prices. E-book edition prices are of course only a fraction of the prices of print editions.

Many people, including me, find it easier to study from a book printed on paper than reading on a computer screen, or a tablet or specialized reader (let alone a smartphone). For the more technical topics, it would seem to me essential to have a physical edition. If you would like a book and cannot afford it, ask your local public or university library to order a copy at the above-mentioned outlets or give them a copy of the The Logician Bookshop Catalogue.

All or some of these print books are also on sale at other online and physical bookstores, such as Barnes&Noble.com. As regards e-books, you can also download them directly to some e-reading gadgets: such as Apple's iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®, Barnes & Noble's NOOK™, Kobo, or Sony. Google Play offers the possibility of downloading some of my books in .pdf format.

For a hardback (Slatkine edition) copy of Judaic Logic, click here.


A new publication, called Logic in Religious Discourse (edited by Andrew Schumann), which includes an essay by Avi Sion, Talmudic Hermeneutics, can be purchased from the publishers Ontos Verlag here. You can preview it in Google Books here.

Another publication, called Judaic Logic (also edited by Andrew Schumann), which includes an essay by Avi Sion, A Fortiori Reasoning in Judaic Logic, can be ordered from the publishers Gorgias Press here. You can preview my essay here.



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