Original writings by Avi Sion on the theory and practice of inductive and deductive LOGIC  

The Logician   Philosophy, Epistemology, Phenomenology, Aetiology, Psychology, Meditation

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The Logician

Avi Sion

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Please note that the Appendices are integral parts of the present work, to be studied in conjunction with the chapters in which they are mentioned. Also, the footnotes throughout this volume are intended to be read; they often contain important additional information or reflection.


1.    A fortiori discourse in the Jewish Bible

2.    A fortiori discourse in the Mishna

3.    A fortiori discourse in the two Talmuds

4.    A fortiori discourse by Plato and Aristotle

5.    A fortiori discourse in other world literature

6.    Logic in the Torah

7.    Some logic topics of general interest


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