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Sundry notes and essays on Logic

© Avi Sion, 2005. All rights reserved.



 Ruminations  is a collection of sundry notes and essays on Logic. These complement and enrich the author’s past writings, further analyzing or reviewing certain issues.

Among the many topics covered are:

  • the importance of the laws of thought, and how they are applied using the logic of paradox;
  • details of formal logic, including some important new insights on the nesting, merger and splitting up of hypothetical propositions;
  • details of causal logic, including analogical reasoning from cause to cause;
  • a phenomenological analysis of negation.

Additionally, this volume is used to publish a number of notes and essays previously only posted in the Internet site www.TheLogician.net, including:

  • a thoroughly revised version of an essay on J.S. Mill’s Methods;
  • various addenda and diagrams for Judaic Logic, as well as a historical essay;
  • a brief analysis of Islamic logic.



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